About Biomatika

Biomatika is a Brazilian cosmetics company, founded in 2006, with the concept of using natural components in a sustainable way. The name refers to the 6 Brazilian biomes, and these inspire our products. Our company is present in every state of Brazil and in Latin America, with Latin American companies outsourcing the manufacture of their products from us.

With a portfolio of more than one hundred products in the market, our company invests in research, development and innovation to bring the best products, with a fair price to our customers.


Biomatika is located in an area of 5.100 m², on the city centre of the municipality of Eusébio, Ceará, with more 3000 m² of constructed area. We possess a large infrastructure that allows us to have a high production to attend customers demands. In our six lines of production are manufactured all kinds of cosmetic and personal hygiene products, such as creams, gels, perfumes and soap bars.

The company also relies on a modern center of Research and Development (R&D), where all of the products are developed. Besides that, we also have a Quality Control Lab, to guarantee the maximum safety and quality to the products we sell, always focusing on the satisfaction and well-being of our customers.

Quality Policy

Biomatika offers the continuous improvement of its quality management system ensuring the quality of our customers, through the development and manufacturing of natural products, in accordance with the safety, specifications and necessities of customers.

A word from our CEO

This Year, we will be completing 10 years of existence as a company! We’ve came to one decade of solid participation in the economic, environmental and social growth, employing citizens and generating wealth for the whole society.

The 10 years of Biomatika show us that we’ve reached our objectives of quality and excellence. We improved the integration and synergy on our business, what translated into an even stronger organization and ready to become a major company in the cosmetics segment in our state, region and even in the whole country!

Countless were the challenges the company and it direct and indirect employees had to face in all of these years. One of them was the Dollar appreciation, that lately has been impacting our expenses, but still, we maintain competitive in the Brazilian scenario and we see many opportunities on the international market. Exportation is one of them. Our strategy is to seize the opportunity of the devaluation of our currency to export more, thus generating wealth for our country while offering competitive products to many countries. Biomatika exports its products for many countries in Latin America, in Caribe and for Europe.

In the domestic market, Biomatika makes business with every Brazilian state through our wholesale customers, distributors and, specially, the major retailers, remarkably the pharmacy chains. Our goal is to within this year attend every state through direct commercial representatives with our current brands and new brands and lines of cosmetic products.

Biomatika is a company that grows in the personal hygiene segment. In this year we’ve seen a growth in our in industrial plant, now being of almost 10000m², and we’ve also invested some millions of Reais (the Brazilian currency) on the construction of its factory and the purchasing of machines and equipment. Nowadays, the company employs 60 direct employees and we have the potential to produce more than 3 ton of cosmetics a day. Our goal is to triplicate that number, being able to produce more than 9 ton of cosmetics a day.

And that’s the history of the first 10 years of Biomatika!

A little bit about Biomatika…

To offer innovative natural products for the health and well-being of families, ensuring the sustainability of the company through the quality of our products and responsibility with both our society and environment.
To consolidate our presence in Latin America by 2020, being recognized for our quality and innovation in natural products for health and well being
Environmental Responsability

Why choose us?

In recent years we have improved our production process and product development, adopting new technologies and increasing to almost 10,000 square meters of constructed area.
Biomátika promotes the continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, according to the safety, specifications and needs of its customers, guaranteeing the results and competitiveness of its products.
All our processes have the correct validations of ANVISA, Good Manufacturing Practices and always aiming at sustainability and the correct disposal of recyclable materials. In addition to supporting actions for social and environmental awareness.